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Genuine OEM Green Parts Specialist

Welcome to Part Tech Limited, seller of genuine car parts, OEM auto spares, and quality cheap green parts. Mail order available or pick up in Kent, England.

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Genuine OEM Green Parts Specialist

We provide quality used car parts to the public and trade, and carry a large stock of salvage vehicles for repair or auto spares, guaranteed low price parts.

Part Tech Ltd. Testimonials

Callum MaginnCallum Maginn
16:26 18 Jan 23
Bought a part for my van, great price versus new, buy with confidence
Brandon SmithBrandon Smith
12:00 18 Jan 23
I got the door panel replaced for my car here. I'm very satisfied with their service
Ian FraserIan Fraser
02:35 12 Jan 23
Excellent, prompt and professional service! I broke my passenger, sideview mirror trying to park in my garage. It was so easy to order a replacement from Part Tech Ltd.


Genuine OEM Green Parts Specialist

Looking for quality car spares at a cheaper price? We stock car parts such as: A/C Compressor, Air Filter, Alternator, Body Panels, Brakes, Bumpers, Clutch, Coil Springs, Control Module, Cylinder Head, Distributor, EGR, Electrical, Emblems, Engine, Exhaust, Floor Mats, Fuel Filter, Fuel Pump, Generator, Grilles, Ignition System, Lights, Muffler, Radiator, Seats, Shock Absorbers, Side Mirrors, Steering, Struts, Suspension, Transmission, Turbo Charger and Wheels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Car Spare?

A car spare, as the name suggests, are parts that vehicle owners can use as a replacement for a dysfunctional part of their vehicle. An automobile spare part works as an inventory that can be used to repair several components of vehicles that need replacement and upgrading while also improving a car’s roadworthiness.

What Are Genuine Parts?

A genuine part is an auto component installed on your vehicle when it was first manufactured. Genuine parts are known to be more expensive than any other type of car parts because they carry the company logo. Remember that genuine parts are not necessarily better than OEM or aftermarket parts.

What Does OEM Mean?

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer parts are built by the company that made the parts for the car manufacturer. OEM parts are the same parts that came with your car, but the difference is that they don’t always have the manufacturer’s logo. OEM parts are as reliable as genuine parts but for a better price.

What Are Aftermarket Parts?

Once a car is built, companies can manufacture parts that will work for that vehicle. To do this, they buy the rights to make the parts. Aftermarket parts sometimes look like OEM or genuine parts and perform the function needed to operate the car. Like OEM parts, you can rely on aftermarket parts to work well.

How Many Parts In A Car?

A car, on average, has an estimated 30,000 parts if you count all components down to the nuts and bolts. If you consider more significant parts, such as the engine as a single part, a car has roughly 1,800 separate components. The engine alone has thousands of individual parts inside it. The vehicle manufacturer makes many parts, but each manufacturer has many suppliers that make parts for different cars.

Benefits Of Green Parts?

The obvious benefit of buying green car parts is reduced cost. Green part prices can be up to 90% cheaper than buying a brand-new OEM part. In many cases, buying second-hand is easier than sourcing new parts, as spare parts are not manufactured as often as whole vehicles. Green parts save an estimated 80 billion barrels of oil annually while increasing countless existing vehicles’ lifespans.

Car Parts For Less Money

Replacing worn, damaged or old vehicle parts doesn’t automatically require spending huge sums of money. Part Tech Limited maintains a vast stock of car and vehicle parts from all makes and models and can ship these parts after you place an order. Alternatively, you can pick them up from our premises in Birchington, Kent, between the hours of 8am-5am on weekdays or 8am-12pm on Saturdays.

Southeast’s No.1 Breakers

We are the southeast’s biggest car breaker and the UK’s no.1 online site for locating genuine quality used car parts at the best prices possible. Second-hand car parts replacement can be a complex business, and getting the wrong car part can soar your car repair costs. Therefore it is vital to source your spare car parts from an experienced, reputable car breaker with expert knowledge of your vehicle.